As an author or writer, the odds are high that you just want to be able to finish your book, let alone win awards with it. But if you’ve written your book and it’s doing quite well, you might start eye balling these awesome awards.

The Booker Prize

This international book prize used to be awarded every 2 years to any book from virtually anywhere in the world, but it is now awarded every year to one book that has been translated into English. The winner gets 50,000 British pounds, and must be split between the author and the translator.


The Nobel Prize

Obviously not the Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel Prize for literature has been awarded since 1901. It’s presented by the Swedish Academy and includes books from all over the world. In recent years, the Swedish Academy has been questioned for its bias towards political and public figures like Barack Obama and Malala Yousefzai. If you write nonfiction, this award is particularly partial to that.

Newbery Medal

If you write children’s fiction, this is the coup de gras of awards. The Association for Library Service to Children awards this one, and they have hundreds of submissions to work through every year. It’s been going since 1922 and is one of the most recognized awards on books, given that these ones are the read the most by American children and their families.

National Book Award

This award is given in four categories: fiction, nonfiction poetry, and young adult literature, making it a pretty comprehensive award no matter what you write. Each winner gets $10,000 and a huge amount of prestige.

Caldecott Medal

Like the Newbery Medal, this award is decided by The Association for Library Service to Children. It has been awarded to a picture book since 1938, and is considered the highest award for children’s fiction and picture books.

The Bram Stoker Award

If you write horror, this is the biggest award you can win. There are 12 categories, making this one of the biggest award categories out there. Whether you write horror in novel, first novel, short fiction, long fiction, fiction collection, poetry collection or anthology form, you’re eligible for this award. Naturally, Steven King and M. Night Shyamalan have won these ones.


The Faulkner Award / PEN

Books are awarded by fellow fiction authors in this award ceremony, making it a highly coveted award among writers. PEN stands for playwrights, essayists, editors, and novelists, and was also named after William Faulkner, author of As I Lay Dying and others. If you want to win this award, you need to have a heavy subject, writing that is almost poetry, and an ability to withstand tons of criticism.

These are not the only book awards out there; there are many for each type of genre and ones specific to the country of the author’s origin. Many don’t even have cash awards, just the pride that comes with winning.

The writing is an art and it is only done by those who have been gift by this facility by the God Almighty. The simple humans when become a writers, they have a solid reason and a past, that let them adopt this path. In most of the societies of the world, writers are not given the respect and honor but ignored. I am here to provide them the right place and acknowledgment they deserve.

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