Writing is not about making money or becoming famous, it is all about enriching your own life as well as the lives of the readers. Start the act of writing with any emotion excitement, nervousness or despair, but just fill the blank pages with what is in your heart and soul. Never take writing lightly as it is difficult to please all your readers, the aim should be to impress and please some readers at some point of time. To become a pen-bookgood book writer the book should meet certain quality criteria to appeal to a broader audience.

Trustworthiness:  As a good writer the readers should have faith and trust in the author that proper research has been conducted on the topic concerned. Homework should be thoroughly done in the form of references, overview of literature along with the summaries. Trust should be developed among the readers for the author to analyse that the writer knows exactly what he/she is writing about. If the author is a professor the general public will tend to trust them thinking that they possess an expert knowledge on the topic they are writing about knowing the scholarly literature well that will reflect in their writing.

Good Arguments and Easy Accessibility: A good book writer should write books that are not only based on emotional appeal and intuitions, but on arguments that can be easily followed by educated laymen. Arguments that justify or explain conclusions have more appeal to the readers then

just examples and other stylistic devices. When a book is written for a broader audience then the quality of arguments will differ. A popular book can interest its readers in nothing more than philosophical questions and background. In fact the book’s easy accessibility will be seen in the knowledge and writing style which besides being dense will be infused with lively examples. One important criteria for a writer is to understand that the quality of a book should not be sacrificed to profit motive either by the author himself or by the publisher. Any o

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ther motive like writing a book just to seek attention or enhancing the author’s star status or vanity can be damaging to the quality of a book.

Free of Plagiarism: While writing a book the author must make sure that there is no plagiarism involved at all costs. Though the books might be catering to a large audience, it does not mean that the author is absolved from using information and other reference works of others. The author should not show that it is his own creation when all he is doing reformulate or rephrase the results or insights of others.

Thus to be a good writer the biggest secret is to read a lot and write a lot while cutting down on your TV time and other activities. While writing choose a desk where you can exclusively pay attention to writing. Make sure that you do not have your smart phone, laptop or tablet with you to immerse you in this ever increasing world of social media. Use your own thoughts, concerns, interests and experiences in your work. It is definitely possible to make a good writer with dedication, hard work and perseverance.

The writing is an art and it is only done by those who have been gift by this facility by the God Almighty. The simple humans when become a writers, they have a solid reason and a past, that let them adopt this path. In most of the societies of the world, writers are not given the respect and honor but ignored. I am here to provide them the right place and acknowledgment they deserve.

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