1.    How easy is to join at your website?

It is very easy and this web portal has been designed keeping in view user friendly standards. Therefore, all users are able to use it and could see the options to be used in front of them. They need not to wonder here and there. Furthermore, you can join us at any time as this website remains open by 24 x 7 a week and I keep answering to all queries as submitted to me at this platform, time by time.

2.    Do you have any charges or membership plan for your website users?

Absolutely NO! It is free for all users and this benefit encourages many writers to join here and get benefited. I have personal view that there is majority of writers who are in struggling position and this website is designed to assist them both financially and socially. You just need to fill up an easy Performa and submit the required personal information. Your personal information is kept under secured system and is not leaked.

3.    Why we should consider it best to join you and take your guidance in Publishing?

A writer can understand the challenges faced by the other writers. This website is established to let existing writers know, how they can achieve the milestones and all those people who have plenty of ideas but hesitate to come forward or they lack resources. I personally guide them and listen to their views, problems and conditions.

4.    How we can contact you?

You can contact me via chat option at this website, video conference after taking time and physically visit at my office as well. All writers and those who intend to become writers are welcomed at any time. Your courage and interest is my motivation to serve. All contacts are described at the “Contact Us” option on the right top corner, you can find it.

5.    What are the benefits of your platform?

The existing writers can get their work published and printed. Most of writers have many ideas in their minds but they are unable to write them down properly. They are guided here, how to get their work published after step by step procedures like the sequencing, proof reading, copy rights, etc.

6.    Who else could be benefited being your member?

All the existing writers and those who intend to become writers, can join here. They are all most welcomed and their initiation in this regard is highly appreciable. They are provided with the opportunity to talk live with the renowned writers and best writers are offered / recommended for many world awards like the Pulitzer’s Prize Award. They can start writing and earnings for the future. This platform let writers to earn and stop struggling so that they are able to concentrate on their work. The respected members are further provided with the links of online resources and libraries to carry out their research activities.