Why You Should Just Start Writing

There are so many classes you can take, so many books you can read, and even so many things you need to really become a “writer” – or at least that’s what people think. But what makes a writer? Is it the cool, vintage typewriter sitting on your desk, or the degree in journalism? Is it the writing workshop you attend every week? No. It’s the writing that you do. Are you a writer if you just put down a couple of sentences in a notebook but never return to it? No. Are you a writer if you add to your writing every day, whether it’s pure genius or total crap? Yes. You are a writer the day you decide to start writing and actually start writing.


Stop Saying “When”

We are all guilty of waiting for that perfect moment to do something. We think we need to get a degree, a nice desk, a nice computer, a wide array of notebooks, before we can actually start writing. To really start writing, stop saying “When.” “When I get that desk,” or “When the kids go to college,” or “When I feel better.” No, that’s not how this works. You’re not a writer until you start writing so start now!

Set Yourself Up

Just getting started, and giving yourself time and space to start writing, will go a long way. Do you have a wife and / or kids? Do you have a demanding job? Do you get easily distracted? Set up a time, a place, and stick to it – write at that time in that place every day.

Stop Investing in Useless Courses

There are great ways to improve your writing, whether it’s through a school / course, or through a peer editing writer workshop, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on writing courses. This is especially ridiculous if you don’t even have a body of writing to work with yet – you don’t know what areas you need to improve upon. You can check out some great books on writing from your library, watch all the YouTube videos want, and read literally thousands of blogs. You can even take one or two cheap writing courses online. But investing thousands of dollars in something that you have nothing to show for is just too steep.


Don’t Get Caught up With Editing

So many people end up writing like 250 words a day because they’re so stuck on editing out every single word. You know those days – the ones where you don’t know if you want to write “He ran” or “He jogged,” and you end up arguing with yourself for hours instead of just pushing past it and editing later. This is a new writer’s Kryptonite, and can be easily alleviated if you just write and keep writing. Finish the first draft – even if it’s crap. You can always go back and change it, but you can’t go back if you never finish!

How to Write a Book in One Month

Many authors spend months and months, and sometimes even years, writing their novels. Sometimes, they can knock them out in a matter of weeks, and everyone else hates them for it. It all depends on who you are as a writer, and what you consider your daily writing limits to be. Some people can write 5,000 words a day, while some can only manage 250. But if you want to take part in November’s National Novel Writing Month (Na No Wri Mo for future reference), you’re going to have to buckle down and make it work. Here’s how.


Make it a Habit

You sit your butt in that chair and you write for fifteen, thirty, ninety minutes a day – whatever floats your boat. Or make it so you write a certain amount of words a day, whatever. The average novel is at least 50,000 words, and there are 30 days in November so do the math: that’s about 1,666.66 words a day. If you’re only trucking along with about 250 a day, that’s going to be quite a stretch. To put that into perspective, that’s about 2 and a half pages a day, with only paragraph breaks (Sorry, this isn’t high school, you can’t double space your novel). Sit down every day and make it happen. Get up an hour earlier or go to bed an hour later to get it done.

Back it Up

The last thing you want, after all that work, is to lose it when your hard drive crashes. We recommend using Google Docs, but you can also save your work to Dropbox or Google Drive if you don’t want to use such a limited, web based app like Google Docs.

Get it Edited

After churning out 50,000 words or so in November, you’re probably going to be pretty burnt out and not want to re-read what you just wrote. Either give it some time (4 to 6 months is how long Stephen King waits!), or hire someone professional to edit it for you (this is more affordable than you’re thinking). If you hire someone, it can get done and even published faster than you ever expected.


Do Something With It!

Don’t just finish a book and let it sit, gathering dust on your hard drive. Print it off, bind it up, and then send it out to agents (or publishers if you already have an agent). Give it to your mom so she knows you finally wrote something, publish it for free online, I don’t care! Just do something with it!

You don’t have to wait for November, either. Make a habit to write every morning and who knows? You could churn out a novel every 2 or 3 months, if you have enough time and a ton of ideas to pull from. That may sound crazy, but think about all the authors out there who seem to publish a new book every 3 or so months – that could be you!

A Good Book Writing As An Arts And Science

The good writing is an arts or science? This question might surprise to majority of its listeners or readers but it has something very rare and describes the historical revolution. The good writing never comes with natural abilities but it requires some great concentration to our surroundings and self-commitment towards more knowledge. We are unable to write much if we do not pay sufficient attention to our society and the events around us.

The fable is said to have been solved as the good writing skill is not built-in, available to all humans and it does not require any pre-requisite condition like, to be outstanding in writing skills the person should be rich by birth and vice versa in case of the poverty.  Many people around the globe are known for their writing skills only. They have ability to pen-in experiences very short but close to reality wordings. They have proved the must-have of certain traits into our personalities. Let them discuss in rest of this article.

Arches Natinoal Park

Writing of book requires understanding of basic five Cs of the good English writing. The first one is “Case/Story”. It

means the topic of your writing and also your goal. Keep a research-full eye on various topics and make an analysis in your mind that which topic must be known to other people. This topic should be unique and able to attract attention of huge population.  You must be able to possess certain abilities like observation of surroundings and watching the mirror from both sides. This part requires you to then “Choose” the best among the cases you know and have studies. The start of the book should possess an eye-catching summary that describe entire book material and why you think it necessary to be known to other people of the society. This part is known as “Clear”. Clear the goals of your writing of that particular book. The next step may be “Compelling” and it is the hardest point to do with. The writers write for all and they cannot compel any specific portion of the society to read their book. It requires solid writing in very reasonable manner so that all readers could easily understand and would like to read it thoroughly. The last and final step, which is 3bf891c15cf7dd600c883620b988a765most important one, is “Correctness”. The book must be proofread again and again with the help of experts and the facts provided into it must be in actual sequence and depict correlation with the entire material.

The good book writing is thus an art and science both. It has been studied in many researches that people opt to write books when they have met undesired event in their life or gone through such thought provoking experiences. When we say that writing should follow the basic steps, it is an art but when we say, it is written and directly related to human behaviors, it points the behavioral theories of the psychology and sociology.

The good book writing shows the mental abilities and depicts true picture of your personality. It is not easy to become an author as it is backed by number of events and history. There is need to write bibliographies on such authors as well because there is research on every science.

A Simple Thought To Become Genius Book Writer

Writing is basically a miraculous process where you put on paper things that just come to mind at the spur of the moment or those thoughts going on inside your head without you yourself being aware of them. A majority of writers and artists have emphasized the need for collecting ideas and knowledge from our environment, and then using experience and knowledge to fuel innovative ideas and creative thinking to be put on paper.

Your head is always full of extraordinary ideas, but one’s tendency to block them by running away from unconventional and unfamiliar ideas is very common. Freewriting is a relatively simple technique that requires you to just start writing about something1ac44dc921a4ce53f3b354cf51e5ec1f_original that comes to your mind or something you care about without thinking about grammar and punctuation. Freewriting is a quick method of putting words on paper that allows your brain to reach that level of thinking that is not easy to accomplish on any normal day. .Freewriting is nothing but a form of forced creativity.

Extraordinary intelligence can be nurtured and developed by constantly using your brain creatively. This could be done by developing your skills while at the same time thinking logically and critically of day to day experiences using all your five senses. Writing at a fast and continuous pace will let your mind operate at a normal rate rather than the slow and sluggish rate when you tend to write sluggishly.

Characteristics of a Genius Book Writer:  A genius book writer needs to possess certain exceptional characteristics, the most remarkable being the ability to concentrate. The more you concentrate your thoughts on a particular goal like writing, the more emotionally involved you will be. Your mind will start responding with creative ideas that you are likely to put your thoughts on paper in a more innovative way. With continuous practice you can successfully develop the art of concentration. Extraordinary problem solving skills is another characteristic that a good writer needs to have. Write down every single detail in short to be expanded later in a creative way to give your book the magnificence it requires. Writing your list of points and organizing them by priorities will let your mind sparkle with new ideas as far as your book is concerned. CnVvAEoVMAAZS5wNegativity or pessimism should always be replaced with positivity that will give you an enthusiasm that will want you to get going with your writing. Always check and double check your facts for accuracy before they are penned down. A good writer needs to have an open mind, never jumping to conclusions impulsively but always questioning, as finding answers to your questions will help to develop your creativity.

To conclude always write according to the way you think and go with the flow of your thoughts. You should work against a limit but write continuously or the flow of thoughts will get disturbed and you will start editing what you wrote in your mind. So just go ahead, keep your pen moving and write non-stop.

The Philosophy Of A Becoming A Good Book Writer

Writing is not about making money or becoming famous, it is all about enriching your own life as well as the lives of the readers. Start the act of writing with any emotion excitement, nervousness or despair, but just fill the blank pages with what is in your heart and soul. Never take writing lightly as it is difficult to please all your readers, the aim should be to impress and please some readers at some point of time. To become a pen-bookgood book writer the book should meet certain quality criteria to appeal to a broader audience.

Trustworthiness:  As a good writer the readers should have faith and trust in the author that proper research has been conducted on the topic concerned. Homework should be thoroughly done in the form of references, overview of literature along with the summaries. Trust should be developed among the readers for the author to analyse that the writer knows exactly what he/she is writing about. If the author is a professor the general public will tend to trust them thinking that they possess an expert knowledge on the topic they are writing about knowing the scholarly literature well that will reflect in their writing.

Good Arguments and Easy Accessibility: A good book writer should write books that are not only based on emotional appeal and intuitions, but on arguments that can be easily followed by educated laymen. Arguments that justify or explain conclusions have more appeal to the readers then

just examples and other stylistic devices. When a book is written for a broader audience then the quality of arguments will differ. A popular book can interest its readers in nothing more than philosophical questions and background. In fact the book’s easy accessibility will be seen in the knowledge and writing style which besides being dense will be infused with lively examples. One important criteria for a writer is to understand that the quality of a book should not be sacrificed to profit motive either by the author himself or by the publisher. Any o

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ther motive like writing a book just to seek attention or enhancing the author’s star status or vanity can be damaging to the quality of a book.

Free of Plagiarism: While writing a book the author must make sure that there is no plagiarism involved at all costs. Though the books might be catering to a large audience, it does not mean that the author is absolved from using information and other reference works of others. The author should not show that it is his own creation when all he is doing reformulate or rephrase the results or insights of others.

Thus to be a good writer the biggest secret is to read a lot and write a lot while cutting down on your TV time and other activities. While writing choose a desk where you can exclusively pay attention to writing. Make sure that you do not have your smart phone, laptop or tablet with you to immerse you in this ever increasing world of social media. Use your own thoughts, concerns, interests and experiences in your work. It is definitely possible to make a good writer with dedication, hard work and perseverance.

Pick Your Pen And Write

We have seen many result oriented authors and writers around us who have won hearts of millions with their breath taking writing skills and use of unique words in very precise and comprehensive manner. Their words are coming from vast experience and intensive writing exercises on daily basis. They have ability to pack the river into a tiny sack. Do you also want to become like these writers? You guess that you are not God gifted in this regard and it will never come into your hands? All wrong! There is nothing in this world that is impossible. To become a writer, it requires certain habits like pro-activeness and curiosity in behaviors.

want40594-1IbuIW1468058177The writing in so many societies of the modern world is not considered as valuable hobby. It is rejected by several parents and children willing to become good writers may face severe challenges from their family side. You must know your future and things you are good in.   Keep convincing your parents, family members and friends that writing is best fit for you and you want to show your skills to rest of the world. However, to become a good writer, it demands certain things.

Always keep a pen and blank paper / diary with you to note the events. It may be required when you are researching / interviewing any individual on some topic. You require noting down the facts and then easy cross match with the facts detailed by some other individuals. It has been noticed that few people are good listeners and they keep everything in their mind but few are not so good in this skill. They require good writing skills and it in return, will automatically correct their listening skill. It is natural facts, once you have written any document with your hand; it is hard to forget the wordings.

Your writing must be backed by a solid goal you want to achieve. The goal should be straight forward and understandable. You can take start by writing into your school / college / university magazines in the beginning than in newspapers and finally you are able to write even a complete book on the topic of your interest. Do not think topic that will catch interest of the society but opt for the topic you prefer. Make a deep research and convert it into your own

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wordings. Finally, it is available to be launched, compelling huge part of the society to have a read on your magical wordings. Never hesitate in writing. If you are full time employee, then make writing your part time hobby. There is learning and learning never dies. Write for the others about what you know and what others should know. Describe them importance of your topic and impact on the readers and society.

The Journalists are considered to be good writers as well due to reason that they keep writing all the events they experience around them. This habit polishes their writing skills and makes them popular in the societies for this mere skill. Keep deep observations around you and critically watch the things. It is not easy to describe the whole story in just one paragraph or page but it is not impossible for good writers. They know the reality that no one has time to read long and meaning-less sentences, therefore, they make it perfect comprehensive and readable by all individuals in the society.