If you’ve decided to go the self publishing route (or nobody took your book and forced your hand), you may be staring at a bunch of different self publishing sites wondering which one will actually work for you. That all depends on your level of tech savviness, to be quite honest. If you’re totally technology illiterate and can’t even make Facebook work for you, then it’s probably best to hire someone to publish your book for you – there are plenty. Just find a company with good reviews. If you know a little bit about computers, especially PDF and formatting, then you should be good to go. Here are a few places to start self publishing today.


Free Options:

CreateSpace This works for print books, and is totally free to set up. You, of course, have to pay for your printed books but it is incredibly affordable and can let you control all profits from a book sale.

Digital platforms that cater to only eBooks:

Kindle Direct Publishing


Draft2Digital (for iBooks and Nook + others)




You can create an account on any of these platforms and distribute your already formatted ebook this way. If you want to offer your ebook on multiple platforms, you can either create an account for each platform all by yourself, or pay for a middleman platform like IngramSpark, which will post your ebook on every platform you select. This is fairly cheap, and takes away all the difficult work for you – we highly recommend this option.


Keep in mind that you’ll need to have two different ISBNs if you plan on printing your book and e-publishing it; most ISBNs are $125 a pop, whether digital or print. If you only want to sell on Amazon, they assign you a free ASIN, but that restricts you to only using their platform. For $250, you can diversify your book and make more profit – again, we highly recommend this option.


Be Your Own Publishing House

Since many books flop and don’t ever return you money on your investment, many people have started their own e-book publishing houses. Like the different platforms you find for publishing online, you can establish yourself as an expert and start publishing for other people for a small fee. This means that you use all of the above resources, but you do it for those people we mentioned above who can barely use Facebook. Then, if their book sells, you’re making residual profits from their books and you can hopefully establish a wider client base.

One thing you should keep in mind is that self publishing is hot right now, so everyone is doing it – really. That means that, should you go this route, you should spend more time and money in marketing your book properly. Make sure it looks good, has a great cover, and is actually formatted, edited, and looks like a physical book. Self published books are a dime a dozen, don’t get drowned out by the crowd.

The writing is an art and it is only done by those who have been gift by this facility by the God Almighty. The simple humans when become a writers, they have a solid reason and a past, that let them adopt this path. In most of the societies of the world, writers are not given the respect and honor but ignored. I am here to provide them the right place and acknowledgment they deserve.

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