A Simple Thought To Become Genius Book Writer

Writing is basically a miraculous process where you put on paper things that just come to mind at the spur of the moment or those thoughts going on inside your head without you yourself being aware of them. A majority of writers and artists have emphasized the need for collecting ideas and knowledge from our environment, and then using experience and knowledge to fuel innovative ideas and creative thinking to be put on paper.

Your head is always full of extraordinary ideas, but one’s tendency to block them by running away from unconventional and unfamiliar ideas is very common. Freewriting is a relatively simple technique that requires you to just start writing about something1ac44dc921a4ce53f3b354cf51e5ec1f_original that comes to your mind or something you care about without thinking about grammar and punctuation. Freewriting is a quick method of putting words on paper that allows your brain to reach that level of thinking that is not easy to accomplish on any normal day. .Freewriting is nothing but a form of forced creativity.

Extraordinary intelligence can be nurtured and developed by constantly using your brain creatively. This could be done by developing your skills while at the same time thinking logically and critically of day to day experiences using all your five senses. Writing at a fast and continuous pace will let your mind operate at a normal rate rather than the slow and sluggish rate when you tend to write sluggishly.

Characteristics of a Genius Book Writer:  A genius book writer needs to possess certain exceptional characteristics, the most remarkable being the ability to concentrate. The more you concentrate your thoughts on a particular goal like writing, the more emotionally involved you will be. Your mind will start responding with creative ideas that you are likely to put your thoughts on paper in a more innovative way. With continuous practice you can successfully develop the art of concentration. Extraordinary problem solving skills is another characteristic that a good writer needs to have. Write down every single detail in short to be expanded later in a creative way to give your book the magnificence it requires. Writing your list of points and organizing them by priorities will let your mind sparkle with new ideas as far as your book is concerned. CnVvAEoVMAAZS5wNegativity or pessimism should always be replaced with positivity that will give you an enthusiasm that will want you to get going with your writing. Always check and double check your facts for accuracy before they are penned down. A good writer needs to have an open mind, never jumping to conclusions impulsively but always questioning, as finding answers to your questions will help to develop your creativity.

To conclude always write according to the way you think and go with the flow of your thoughts. You should work against a limit but write continuously or the flow of thoughts will get disturbed and you will start editing what you wrote in your mind. So just go ahead, keep your pen moving and write non-stop.

Publisher: As Thought Marketing Agent

Content marketing has evolved over the years thanks to new technologies and strategies put in place. However, the best way of communicating to an audience has and will always be through story telling. Consider the following statistics;

  • Around 70% of consumers would prefer knowing more about a company via stories and articles than through ads
  • Another 67% of leads for companies’ are obtained from the blogosphere. When that specific company maintains a good blog that constantly engages users.

Publishers usually rely on this advantage over agencies or any software Publishingtool that may allege to be a content creator. They have an audience that is always anxious to read the next story. On the other hand, agencies either have to buy their audience or build them from scratch which always results in additional costs being incurred during the process.

Another great advantage that publishers have is the ability to control end to end processes from content creation all the way to audience analytics; which includes audience targeting, distribution and reporting. Placed in a better perspective, publishers usually have a well-known brand that can attract the best talent as well as an audience which acts as their distributorship channel. They are therefore in a position to handle content marketing in a seamless manner.

However, it is also important to note that the best publishers usually put out a lot of work (human as well as software resources) and are fully committed to what they do. This is due to the fact that they have to continuously keep churning out good content that constantly engages the audience as well. It is not as simple as sitting down and writing, specific strategies have to be put in place in order for the business to benefit from the writing. The content has to be very unique and original and one that resonates with the target audience. The ideas also need to be fresh and should be conveyed in a manner that indicates proper understanding of content creation and ultimately distribution.

Technology on the other handhoes_six-cylinder_press has a massive role in optimizing engagement from users as well as expanding brand reach. However, this depends on the quality of the content.  Publishers (and agencies alike) also have the potential of tapping into their clients’ brands and audiences. Given that the brand has a fired social media platform, they can leverage this to their advantage as long as they have the right content. Everyone, whether young or old is looking for a good story and that is where it all counts. Publishers and their creative prowess can be able to tap into this human trait and obtain great results. At the end of the day, everyone in the chain from the brand to the publisher –and ultimately the consumer benefits from the whole process.

It all boils down to three things when you want to go down the path of being a publisher; your need to be creative, have an audience and optimize engagement. Any brand that is looking for reach will definitely have to leverage on your existing network in order for them attain their goal.

The Pulitzer Prize – “A Milestone for Writers”

The Hungarian born American, Joseph Pulitzer, was a fierce character in the journalism world in the latter years of the 19th century. His skilfulness and prowess in newspaper publishing pretty much distinguished him from the rest of his peers in the same profession. He was also considered a visionary. He was among the first people who saw a need for journalists to obtain training at the university level; and this he put into action. During his years, Pulitzer managed to amass a fortune from newspaper publishing which led him to start off a fund.

In 1904, Pulitzer drafted his will to set aside $2 million for the creation of a graduate school for Journalism in Columbia University and to allow for prizes to be given out to extraordinary individuals in the journalism industry. The Journalism school was established in 1912, a year after his maxresdefaultdeath and the famous Pulitzer Prize followed suit in 1917, to be administered by the Columbia University.

Today the Pulitzer Prize awards writers and journalists alike in twenty one categories –and choices made by the Pulitzer board are announced by the President of Columbia University yearly during April. This year marked a century of the Pulitzer Prize with 100 years in awards since inception. Over the years the awards have been celebrated and marred with controversy equally as well. This is probably because the Pulitzer board usually debates amongst themselves on whom to award the prizes and they neither engage in publicly debating their decisions or defending them; a trait that they adopted with a policy of secrecy, which they’ve stood by over the years.

Notable controversies that have hit the Pulitzer Prize over the years old-man-and-the-sea-free-ebookinclude the awarding of Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea” in 1953, a lesser work than “For Whom the Bell Tolls” that was denied an award in 1941. Critics saw this as a nod to Ernest Hemingway’s work in the profession rather than a direct award on his work. In 1980, Janet Cooke wrote an article in the Washington post about an 8 year old boy addicted to cocaine from the tender age of 5. It was an interesting and thought provoking article that gained acclaim from all corners and even a Pulitzer award, except for one small detail; the entire story was a fabrication. Janet Cooke resigned from the Post and had her prize taken away.

Fast forward to today, the award is still held up high among the journalism profession. The 2016 awards culminated with an award on the AP for publishing an investigative piece on slaves which allowed for the rescue of more than 2000 slaves. It also recognized the work of the Washington Post in creating the Fatal Force in their enterprise segment. This refers to a database detailing the number of people killed by police in the United States in 2015. Other outstanding awards were by the New A1vM4BoD4tLYork magazine which had never received an award before but went on to win two, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s work on the musical “Hamilton” and Joby Warrick’s book, “Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS”.

100 years of the Pulitzer awards has been a great show of writers’ milestones and their achievements in the public sector. The award is more than just a prize but a show of the immense contribution writers give to the society while telling their stories.

Success Story Of First Pulitzer Prize Winners

The Pulitzer Prize is an award given in the United States for achievements in magazines, newspapers, musical compositions and literature. The first Pulitzer award was presented in 1917 by the trustees of Columbia University in New York City. Prizes are in the form of certificates, cash award and a gold medal. French Ambassador Jean Jules Jusserand was the first Pulitzer Prize winner who won $2,000 for his book on American history and Herbert Bayard Swope won the $ 1,000 prize for reporting in 1917.

The administration of Pulitzer Prize awards prizes in Journalism and Arts across 21 categories every year in April, and $ 250,000 cash prizes and scholarships are allocated for this purpose. Joseph Pulitzer himself being an accomplished newspaper publisher was the first to suggest training for journalists at the University level in the school of journalism. It was his farsightedness and visionary acumen that led to the Pulitzer prizes for literature, music, drama and journalism. Each year 2,000 submissions are considered for 21 awards by the Pulitzer Prize Board with 100 judges on the board.

Here we will discuss the success stories of some of the Pulitzer Prize winners. One such award winner was Julia Keller the cultural critic and reporter of “Tribune” who won the award for feature writing.  She had given a meticulous and vivid description of the 2004 tornado in Utica. Her story was published consecutively for three days reconstructing the beyond-the-battlefield-by-angela-jackson-1362-pdisaster that killed eight people. Another award winner was David wood the senior military correspondent of “Huffington Post” who literally spent years covering war. His extensive reports about wounded veterans and their families in a ten part series “Beyond the Battlefield ”won him the Pulitzer award in National Reporting. This was a great honor for David’s exceptional journalism as well as HuffPost’s commitment in giving original reports.

Margaret Michelle’s novel “Gone with the Wind” a romantic book set during the civil war earned her the Pulitzer’s award making her an instant celebrity. Though this was her only novel later made into a movie, it sold 30 million copies all over the world and translated into 27 languages. Michelle was earlier working with Atlanta Journal Sunday magazine writing articles, but became an overnight celebrity with her novel.

The first female Fortune 500 CEO Katherine Graham won the Pulitzer award in 1997 for her best- selling autobiography   “Personal History”. She was the publisher of  “The Washington Post” getting the paper to the forefront nationally in the second half of the twentieth century. She was running a successful publishing empire and in no time became a role model for women in male dominated fields. After the death of her husband, she took over and made The Post, one of the most reputed newspapers in the US.

017-marilyn-monroe-and-arthur-miller-theredlistArthur Miller one of the greatest playwrights of the 20th century won the Pulitzer Award for his play “Death of a Salesman”. His other well known plays are ‘The Crucible”, “All my Sons” and “A View from the Bridge”. He studied from the University of Michigan before he started writing dramas for the stage that are still being re-staged internationally.

Winning a Pulitzer award is thus a thing of repute making the winner an instant celebrity. In2016 the New Yorker became the first magazine to win the Pulitzer award for journalism in both criticism category as well as feature writing.

The Philosophy Of A Becoming A Good Book Writer

Writing is not about making money or becoming famous, it is all about enriching your own life as well as the lives of the readers. Start the act of writing with any emotion excitement, nervousness or despair, but just fill the blank pages with what is in your heart and soul. Never take writing lightly as it is difficult to please all your readers, the aim should be to impress and please some readers at some point of time. To become a pen-bookgood book writer the book should meet certain quality criteria to appeal to a broader audience.

Trustworthiness:  As a good writer the readers should have faith and trust in the author that proper research has been conducted on the topic concerned. Homework should be thoroughly done in the form of references, overview of literature along with the summaries. Trust should be developed among the readers for the author to analyse that the writer knows exactly what he/she is writing about. If the author is a professor the general public will tend to trust them thinking that they possess an expert knowledge on the topic they are writing about knowing the scholarly literature well that will reflect in their writing.

Good Arguments and Easy Accessibility: A good book writer should write books that are not only based on emotional appeal and intuitions, but on arguments that can be easily followed by educated laymen. Arguments that justify or explain conclusions have more appeal to the readers then

just examples and other stylistic devices. When a book is written for a broader audience then the quality of arguments will differ. A popular book can interest its readers in nothing more than philosophical questions and background. In fact the book’s easy accessibility will be seen in the knowledge and writing style which besides being dense will be infused with lively examples. One important criteria for a writer is to understand that the quality of a book should not be sacrificed to profit motive either by the author himself or by the publisher. Any o

Feather Quill on open Journal

ther motive like writing a book just to seek attention or enhancing the author’s star status or vanity can be damaging to the quality of a book.

Free of Plagiarism: While writing a book the author must make sure that there is no plagiarism involved at all costs. Though the books might be catering to a large audience, it does not mean that the author is absolved from using information and other reference works of others. The author should not show that it is his own creation when all he is doing reformulate or rephrase the results or insights of others.

Thus to be a good writer the biggest secret is to read a lot and write a lot while cutting down on your TV time and other activities. While writing choose a desk where you can exclusively pay attention to writing. Make sure that you do not have your smart phone, laptop or tablet with you to immerse you in this ever increasing world of social media. Use your own thoughts, concerns, interests and experiences in your work. It is definitely possible to make a good writer with dedication, hard work and perseverance.

Pick Your Pen And Write

We have seen many result oriented authors and writers around us who have won hearts of millions with their breath taking writing skills and use of unique words in very precise and comprehensive manner. Their words are coming from vast experience and intensive writing exercises on daily basis. They have ability to pack the river into a tiny sack. Do you also want to become like these writers? You guess that you are not God gifted in this regard and it will never come into your hands? All wrong! There is nothing in this world that is impossible. To become a writer, it requires certain habits like pro-activeness and curiosity in behaviors.

want40594-1IbuIW1468058177The writing in so many societies of the modern world is not considered as valuable hobby. It is rejected by several parents and children willing to become good writers may face severe challenges from their family side. You must know your future and things you are good in.   Keep convincing your parents, family members and friends that writing is best fit for you and you want to show your skills to rest of the world. However, to become a good writer, it demands certain things.

Always keep a pen and blank paper / diary with you to note the events. It may be required when you are researching / interviewing any individual on some topic. You require noting down the facts and then easy cross match with the facts detailed by some other individuals. It has been noticed that few people are good listeners and they keep everything in their mind but few are not so good in this skill. They require good writing skills and it in return, will automatically correct their listening skill. It is natural facts, once you have written any document with your hand; it is hard to forget the wordings.

Your writing must be backed by a solid goal you want to achieve. The goal should be straight forward and understandable. You can take start by writing into your school / college / university magazines in the beginning than in newspapers and finally you are able to write even a complete book on the topic of your interest. Do not think topic that will catch interest of the society but opt for the topic you prefer. Make a deep research and convert it into your own

Vintage Children Reading Illustration 1875 - Retro 1800s Black and White Girls Image from SUNSHINE FOR BABY LAND.

wordings. Finally, it is available to be launched, compelling huge part of the society to have a read on your magical wordings. Never hesitate in writing. If you are full time employee, then make writing your part time hobby. There is learning and learning never dies. Write for the others about what you know and what others should know. Describe them importance of your topic and impact on the readers and society.

The Journalists are considered to be good writers as well due to reason that they keep writing all the events they experience around them. This habit polishes their writing skills and makes them popular in the societies for this mere skill. Keep deep observations around you and critically watch the things. It is not easy to describe the whole story in just one paragraph or page but it is not impossible for good writers. They know the reality that no one has time to read long and meaning-less sentences, therefore, they make it perfect comprehensive and readable by all individuals in the society.