We talk a lot in the place of the Royal We here, and we apologize to our readers because we can imagine that this gets very annoying when you don’t know who “we” are. Well, we’re about to introduce ourselves, so buckle up.


Yes, my mother named me after a doomed character in Hamlet, and I have never not heard jokes about drowning whenever I get near a body of water. It gets old after 27 years of that, so stop making the joke. I’m an editor at a publishing house in NYC and I love what I do. I edit the total crap on this website for fun because I like my friends.


Named after both Harley Quinn and Harley Davidson motorcycles, I’m nothing but class. I’m a graphic novelist, big shocker, and I do all the graphic design for my books, other people’s books, and this crap hole of a website.


My name is boring, so I apologize. I’m a comic book nerd, I co-write graphic novels with Harley, and I grew up with Ophelia – two doors down from her to be exact. I moved to NYC when she did, and we both attended a couple of night classes on writing and decided to make a go of it. No, we aren’t together.



I’m the Den Mother for this awful group, and I basically make sure that people show up and do what they need to do to keep this site afloat. I’m older than all of these dweebs, and was actually the teacher for a couple of those night classes Ben was talking about. This website was all their idea, I was just here to make sure they went through with it.


I’m the blog writer for this site; I’m the one who gets to read your comments about how much my writing sucks and how ironic that is since I’m writing about writing. So if you’re reading this, screw you very much. I went to NYU, got my degree in literature, and proceeded to pretend like I was going to be a Nobel Prize winner in a matter of years. That was about a decade ago, and here I am writing a bio for a website that has never earned me a dollar in my life, so clearly the plan is going great.

Ben is the only lucky guy in the group of five of us. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t like women and three of us don’t like men. Funny how that all turned out. We started this website about 6 years ago as a way to review books, talk about writing, and discuss the latest award winners. We also write a lot about what the struggles are in writing, how to overcome them, and how to support other writers going through the same things we are. It’s been a fun ride, and despite our general bitterness and classic writer hermit-ness, we love each other and this site!